Are you looking for a web designer here in Krugersdorp? I have shortlisted the best-rated Krugersdorp website design agencies for you to pick from. But before that, learn about the common pitfalls to avoid when hiring a website designer or developer.

In this blog post, I’ll share with you the best-rated Krugersdorp web designers. Whether you’re looking for quotes or you’re ready to hire, or if you’d like to speak with some Krugersdorp-based web designers, this article can help you.

1. Shava Consulting

Shava Consulting is a website design, SEO marketing, and Google search advertising agency in Krugersdorp, South Africa. Our mission is to help small business owners to build websites that consistently generate traffic, leads, and clients. We build websites from the ground up and also do redesigns for small businesses.

Then once you have a good website, we optimize and advertise it to generate a decent amount of traffic, leads, and clients on a consistent and frequent basis. Ultimately, helping you to grow your business.

We truly care about each and every client and always put ourselves in the shoes of our clients. We understand the fears, confusion, and apprehensions you may have when looking for the right website designer and strive to provide the best possible website design and development experience here in South Africa.

Should you need assistance with your own website, contact us to discuss your unique website design and development project needs, goals, and custom pricing. We can assist you with a new, modern website that can help you get new clients and scale with your business moving forward.

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2. The Web Bug

Based in Krugersdorp, The Web Bug strives to give excellent service and quality products at affordable prices. From signs, boards, banners, labels, branding of corporate gifts, clothing, promotional items, giveaways, and etc. to affordable Krugersdorp web design services.

The Web Bug creates elegant and affordable website designs that not only look amazing but still remain professional. A website should attract and intrigue your clients to learn more about your products and services.

The Web Bug spends most of its time on the design and building of effective, affordable websites. They don’t get involved with the marketing side as it’s not their specialty. However, they refer their clients to other marketing agencies for better results.


Because the internet has fundamentally changed nearly every aspect of our lives. From how we interact with friends, family, coworkers, and businesses. It has gone from a technology that was in its infancy just 20 years ago to now being considered indispensable to many people. As the Internet evolves, competent businesses will continue to refine their online marketing efforts, reaching a greater number of potential buyers than before.

3. Conneqt Studio

Conneqt Studio is an engaging team of design and development professionals who love partnering with good people and businesses in Krugersdorp. Their experience and expertise encompass a wide range of online, digital, and graphic design disciplines for any size company or brand.

They work day in and day out focused on improving their skills and bringing everything they have to the table. They create everything from custom design to functional websites focused on converting your users into customers.

They believe in creating websites that are effective, not ones that just look pretty. There is no purpose to an overly designed website if a user can’t find relevance in the content. A professional design combined with user-centered goals is a priority as they design and develop your new website.

Since your website is often where customers have their first interaction with your business or brand, it’s always best to make a good first impression. The real way to measure a website’s success is not by its aesthetics and awards, but by its effectiveness in helping a business grow and achieve its goals.

4. Bright House Solutions

Their main focus has always been website development and for the past 13 years, they have been perfecting their skills. At BHS, they can tailor any of their website solutions to suit your needs. Should you require massive website catalogs with a gargantuan product offering – they can assist you with cost-effective solutions.

Should you require an e-commerce website giving users the ability to add products to a shopping cart and then purchasing their selected goods, they can assist. They can also tailor an e-commerce shopping cart, giving users the option to select different products, and then instead of purchasing the selected products, they simply request a quote on items selected.

And of course, they also build simple websites, giving users sufficient quality content and a user-friendly experience drawing them closer to your organization.

After a great website is built, Krugersdorp, South Africa, or the world needs to find your company. One of the best ways they can use to drive traffic to your website is through a cost-effective Google Ads campaign. Paying or bidding for specific keywords and phrases to target specific users to your website is a no-brainer in terms of potential success and within BHS, your success is their priority.

5. Kagiso Online

Kagiso Online is strategic web solutions and IT consulting company in Krugersdorp, South Africa. They specialize in Website design and E-commerce, Computer programming, and Digital marketing. They have a highly experienced and passionate group of designers, developers, and Business analysts. Every client they work with becomes a part of the team. Together they face the challenges and celebrate the victories.

Their mission is to deliver carefully crafted and Business Focused, “IT and Web Solutions for SMEs” across Africa, offering Services like Web Design, Web Development, Mobile Application Development, PHP Development, Network Consultation, E-commerce development, and Cloud solutions.

Kagiso Online’s primary goal is to partner with your business and provide you with a strategically defined presence on the Internet. This is accomplished by carefully listening to you as their client and identifying those distinctive qualities which make your company unique within its market, defining the information, products, or services to offer, and then precisely design and implement a distinctive solution for your organization.

Kagiso Online provides you with proven IT services and solutions designed just for you. These include Web Design, Application Development, Hosting, print, and design. They design and deliver these solutions in the model that best fits your business needs. Their credentialed engineers, graphic designers, and developers provide the deep expertise to integrate these solutions effectively into your environment.

Kagiso Online offers 24-hour weekday customer service via WhatsApp, online webchat, and e-mail. While there’s an agent always available to assist with your inquiries, answers can oftentimes be found quickest and without a phone call directly from their website Knowledge Base.

6. Prime Create

Primecreate grants businesses and individuals access to experienced web developers and talented designers to create inexpensive but premium websites. Primecreate also provides hosting options and maintenance plans. They understand what it takes to start a business and the importance of an online presence.

A website is your home on the internet. Customers trust a business with a professional website where they can interact with what you provide and receive more information regarding the service or product they need.

Building trust with your customers through a website is a great way to make them come back and share their great experiences with their network. A website with the correct type of marketing strategy will help your website get in front of customers that have an intent to purchase your products or engage in business with you.

Their experienced design and development team will be made available to assist with any maintenance or design requirements. They’ll also ensure your website is safe from any malware or hacking vulnerabilities. All their websites are securely backed up.

7. Yotech IT Solutions

Yotech IT Solutions is a fast-growing company in Krugersdorp that uses modern Technological tools to help Businesses achieve their online and marketing goals. They believe that every business should adopt today’s technologies to maximize their target reach.

They build websites that are mobile responsive and optimized for google ranking. Their websites are built using modern web technologies and programming languages such as JavaScript and using a popular CMS (WordPress).

Yotech IT Solution has been in operation since 2018 with now a very big database of clients. They are known for providing excellent services. Their vision is to have a bigger establishment globally, assisting small and startup businesses to fully reach their goals. Since the beginning of their operation, local businesses have rated their services the best because of the level of their professionalism.

Their company consists of various departments, from marketing specialists, sales and developers. They have skilled workers who deliver projects on time, because of their team-based techniques to solve problems.

8. Overflow Online

Overflow Online offers Website Design services, and is a nationally recognized Website Design, Mobile, Software, and Online Marketing company, offering a broad spectrum of solutions, professionally and personally customized for a range of key industries.

Overflow Online will develop and use a creative strategy by working closely with you, as they want to achieve the optimum result in building you a proactive and effective marketing and branding tool. They conceptualize your website design and business objectives, through visuals, architecture, functionality, and launch.

Websites that produce actual results need to be designed using the latest technologies, trends in design, and functionality. Overflow Online provides innovative solutions, using the latest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to ensure that the website developed will easily be found on the most popular search engines; Google, Yahoo, etc…. to bring your target market to you.

They also offer customized Content Management Systems (CMS). The CMS system will provide flexibility to manage the website. This will allow you to easily add and remove pages, edit content, manage downloads, and images.

9. Alternative Media

First impressions last. Subconsciously, we all have looked at a website to possibly make use of the service or product offered. Then, a page doesn’t load. Or we can’t find the contact details, we don’t like what we see, or we just don’t find the brand or company “attractive”.

Alternative Media don’t just design websites, they create the face of your brand and business. The first look at what your clients can expect. A nice website is one thing. But an interactive website is more in demand. There are important key elements to each website that needs to be in place.

Alternative Media doesn’t just design a website with SEO Services set up. Their team creates amazing Website Design and SEO services-related products and transforms your brand digitally. They create a digital strategy, develop and construct goal-orientated content, ensuring you get sales through your website and feet through your door.

Their design process is very much consultative and they encourage their clients to be part of the creative process. They focus on different types of industries.

10. Custom Web Design

Custom Web Design Krugersdorp delivers first-class Web Development and digital marketing services to all Krugersdorp, Gauteng businesses, whether you’re a budding startup or an established business.

Their Krugersdorp Web Development team has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and understanding when working with local and national businesses, meaning they can turn any idea into an actuality.

Whether their customers require a basic website to launch their business or need an updated website to abide by Google’s latest algorithm changes, they can help transform your Web Development vision into a reality.

They deliver high-quality web solutions, fixated on producing a business’s desired results; their team of professionals deliver impeccable online marketing campaigns as well as superior Web Development throughout Krugersdorp, Gauteng, and South Africa.

The team at Custom Web Design Krugersdorp, Gauteng has a wealth of experience dealing with local and national businesses. Whether their customers require a simple website to help launch their business online or require a full-fledged e-commerce store, the team at Custom Web Design aims to deliver the highest quality online marketing and Web Development in Krugersdorp, Gauteng & throughout South Africa.

Custom Web Design Krugersdorp, Gauteng has worked on many successful web projects, this experience gives Custom Web Design Krugersdorp, Gauteng the edge when approaching small or large projects.


I hope you found this short list of best-rated website design agencies here in Krugersdorp helpful. But once again, before selecting your web designer, I encourage you to check out the common pitfalls to avoid when hiring a website designer or developer that most business owners make. That article will significantly save you the stress, time, and money you’d have otherwise wasted especially in the long term.

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