Are you looking for a web designer here in Benoni? I have shortlisted the best-rated Benoni website design agencies for you to pick from. But before that, learn about the common pitfalls to avoid when hiring a website designer or developer.

In this blog post, I’ll share with you the best-rated Benoni web designers. Whether you’re looking for quotes or you’re ready to hire, or if you’d like to speak with some Benoni-based web designers, this article can help you.

1. Shava Consulting

Shava Consulting is a website design, SEO marketing, and Google search advertising agency in Benoni, South Africa. Our mission is to help small business owners to build websites that consistently generate traffic, leads, and clients. We build websites from the ground up and also do redesigns for small businesses.

Then once you have a good website, we optimize and advertise it to generate a decent amount of traffic, leads, and clients on a consistent and frequent basis. Ultimately, helping you to grow your business.

We truly care about each and every client and always put ourselves in the shoes of our clients. We understand the fears, confusion, and apprehensions you may have when looking for the right website designer and strive to provide the best possible website design and development experience here in South Africa.

Should you need assistance with your own website, contact us to discuss your unique website design and development project needs, goals, and custom pricing. We can assist you with a new, modern website that can help you get new clients and scale with your business moving forward.

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2. Overflow Online

Overflow Online was founded in 2007 and specializes in web development, mobile development, software development, and online marketing. This involves high-tech web design and development using Open Source Content Management Systems, and custom-built applications.

Their aim is to create a proactive online marketing solution that exceeds your sales expectations. Apart from their aim, Overflow Online is passionate about offering our clients a streamlined process, the latest in online technologies, and the highest values in customer service and integrity.

They not only offer web design services in Benoni, but they offer a full online marketing package catered to your business requirements, that is affordable and more profitable than just having a website. This is achieved through constant innovative search marketing techniques, tailoring your product, and advertising strategy in creating the final result.

They also offer E-education that will empower you the client to manage your own website at affordable rates. As experts in this field, they are still open to all suggestions from their clients, which ultimately builds a strong working relationship that will maximize the opportunity of exposing your business to millions of potential customers.

3. Capture Creative Design

Here at Capture Creative Design, they have a great understanding of delivering practical, innovative, and effective ideas that speak volumes. They thrive on making the process of graphic design, web design, layout, and printing easy for you.

They spend the time with you, taking your ideas and vision into account. They advise you on their recommendations and maintain the connection between development and client, giving you peace of mind and allowing your time and money to go the full distance.

Based in Benoni – Gauteng, Capture Creative Design takes pride in delivering quality work, whether it be through Graphic design, Web design, or Printing. Their work is what makes or breaks a deal for them. They understand this and exert every effort to staying at the top of their game. Their design skills have crafted work ranging from the corporate industry over to the spectrum of music and arts.

4. Silverweb Website Design

They are a small team of web developers and designers based in Benoni, Gauteng and their services include Website design, Graphic design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Internet marketing, Domain name registration, and the most affordable, fully-featured, and highest quality web hosting, with cPanel control panel, which gives you everything you need to manage your web hosting account.

The internet has evolved into the primary source of reference, for almost every personal and business interaction known to them. As such, websites have progressed to being strategic business partners, invaluable corporate assets, and even massive social phenomena.

At Silverweb, they recognize the boundless unleashed potential of the internet. They assist their clients to harness that potential. They interpret their needs with impeccable precision. They maximize their visibility and they guide them with relevant advice across all areas of website design, website development, and functionality.

Most importantly, they understand that your website is the beginning of an enduring and empowering relationship with their company. They are devoted to servicing that relationship as an unrivaled, unique, and passionate commitment.

5. Webeasy

WebEasy specializes in the development, hosting, and management of professional and cost-effective websites, including social media platforms. Their vision is to provide their clients with a comprehensive Internet Presence, at pre-determined fixed costs.

Whatever the extent of your internet requirements, they will manage the full process, allowing you to focus on your core business.

6. Web Design Hub

They have delivered innovative and unique web designing and development solutions of varying complexities to customers all over the world…even though they’re based in South Africa – The satisfaction of their clients has been their top priority since their inception.

7. Aurora Designs

Their marketing services can either be integrated to form a cohesive marketing plan that covers all the bases or can be applied independently if there is one particular area of marketing that you would like to focus on, the choice is yours.

At Aurora Designs, they work with you at every step of the process to identify the most effective marketing services that will help your company achieve its full potential. From start to finish, they put their creativity and know-how to work to ensure your success.

8. Cubeke Web Solutions

Cubeke Web Solutions has the goal of being the turnkey solution for business on the web.

Their team helps their websites run smoothly and lets their clients look after the day-to-day of running their business while the technical side of website upkeep, updates, and generally following trends in your marketplace.

Website design, internet marketing solutions, Search engine optimization are some of the services they offer.

9. AngelJay

With twenty years of design experience since their establishment in 2001, Angeljay has evolved into a creative agency with a focus on web design and development, web hosting, and specialized logo – and business stationery design. They want to help new business owners develop their brands and get their marketing off the ground, at an affordable fee.

For that reason, they offer their business package which includes the bare-bones essentials for a new start-up. They also offer free web design tutorials on our Youtube channel and various educational articles on their blog. In the long run, they hope to see many entrepreneurs rising, starting businesses, employing people, and succeeding.


Website design and development is the main aspect of any successful marketing campaign and having a beautiful, well-planned, and functional website that is completely responsive is just as important as starting your marketing campaign.

Their passion is to design beautiful websites that don’t just look pretty, but which actually convert visitors into revenue and help all their clients with brand building and brand awareness and generate new leads.

In 1998, Bill Gates said, “If your business does not have an online presence, it won’t have any business one day”. Today, that makes more sense as business owners realized what impact a global pandemic can have.

Their skilled team of developers and advisers helps small to large enterprises like yourself with a solution that comes down to business growth and generating more revenue!

Each project is their number one priority from acceptance to delivering the result. Treating your brand with the same respect as what they would treat theirs, is a key factor and one of the main reasons CSSbiDESIGN is the trusted name that they are today!

No matter if you need help with an existing website or have a new project. CSSbiDESIGN can’t wait to assist with a clean, responsive website, generating revenue. They have your needs at heart and want to help you achieve your goals.


I hope you found this short list of best-rated website design agencies here in Benoni helpful. But once again, before selecting your web designer, I encourage you to check out the common pitfalls to avoid when hiring a website designer or developer that most business owners make. That article will significantly save you the stress, time, and money you’d have otherwise wasted especially in the long term.

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