We Help Law Firms & Service-Based Businesses to Get a Significant Number of New Leads and Clients Every Month From Google Using Their Website and Google Business Profile

About the founder…

I started my career as a graphic designer and web development freelancer back at the beginning of 2018. I was mainly just providing a web development service but I quickly realized that marketing my services was extremely hard even more so in the competitive space of web development that I was in.

The few clients I actually got in the first 2 years as a freelance web developer were from people who were already in my social network – acquaintances, friends and friends of friends.

At that same period, I also fully tried social media marketing to the best of my abilities. It did not work. I watched endless videos online on social media marketing. Nothing worked. Paid for some very expensive courses and coaching on social media marketing and digital marketing in general. Got a few clients but they were still far and few in between.

By 2020, my obsession with marketing grew tenfold as I realized that marketing was extremely hard, can be very expensive and other entrepreneurs, including me, struggled with it. I also noticed that most marketers available were actually mediocre at best and the really good ones were far and few in between. I also understood that without a consistent stream of new leads and clients coming in, my business and others’ businesses grew excruciatingly slow, most of the time did not grow at all, or worse – died or were on the verge of dying.

I continued investing in coaches and premium courses. I remember one of the biggest investments I made in myself was signing up for the Sam Ovens accelerator program… worth about R30,000 at the time for about 8 weeks. In addition, I also invested in other premium business and marketing programs from experts who were seemingly doing way better than I was and were willing to teach.

Honestly… I got a lot of diverse valuable knowledge and skills from that year of 2020. I of course tested a whole bunch of marketing strategies that year. A lot of them did not work or did not work sufficiently enough but there were certainly things that worked well. Towards the end of that year, was when I actually found what is in my opinion, the best marketing method for service based businesses – Search Engine Optimization or in short, SEO.

Not only was it great for my web development service, but I had confidence it would also work for other service-based businesses. January of 2021, I got my first SEO client – an accounting firm. I was honest with them that it was a new service I was testing and that I was willing to work with them on a 50% discount for the first year. And over 2 years later, they are still one of our happiest clients. SEO is now their number one source for new leads and clients.

And the industries I and my team are now working with are getting more and more diverse. We now have law firms (our most dominant industry), plumbers, electricians, dstv installers, medical doctors and more. All of them happily renew our service every month with good things to say about me and my team, and even confidently recommending me to their own social circles.

Hearing the positive feedback from our clients has further solidified my obsession with SEO. I am now very curious what my potential actually is and how many service-based businesses I and my team can help dominate on Google in their respectable industries and by extension, attract the majority of clients on Google compared to their competitors.


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“I and my team truly care about each and every client and always put ourselves in the shoes of our clients. We understand the fears, confusion, and apprehensions you may have when looking for a good SEO company in South Africa and strive to provide you with the best possible service and experience.”

~ Gift Shava (Founder of Preferred Marketers)

Hear From Some Of Our Clients

Below are some of the reviews that our clients left on Clutch.co about each of their experiences working with us. We mean it when we say “we care about your overall experience with us".

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently answered SEO questions in South Africa. Feel free to contact us to speak to a human Search Engine Optimisation consultant.

Do you work with clients anywhere in South Africa?

Yes! We work with clients all over South Africa and can communicate and collaborate through email, WhatsApp, calls, and virtual meetings. Be it you are in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Gauteng, Pretoria, Durban, Mbombela (Nelspruit), Polokwane, or anywhere in South Africa, we can help you. Please contact us to discuss your SEO marketing campaign.

How much do SEO services cost in South Africa?

To answer this question our SEO team would need to know more information about your business. We can tell you one thing though, from our years of analyzing thousands of SEO campaigns, the biggest reason why most campaigns fail (possibly yours in the past too), is that the SEO agency fails to properly assess the amount of work required to get you a great result and ROI.

That being said, our SEO packages start from R2950 per month with a month-to-month contract.

Are there any guarantees for your SEO services?

Know that no one can guarantee you to rank #1 on Google.

While many SEO companies guarantee a number-one ranking, Google ultimately makes that decision, and no SEO company has a special relationship with Google. Again, the relationship between a guarantee for top rankings and shady SEO companies is strong enough that Google recommends running away.

Our guarantee is that nobody will work harder to get you the rankings you deserve than our SEO company.

How do we get started working with Preferred Marketers?

We know that you’re busy running your business, so our SEO team has made getting started as easy as possible.

  1. Contact us for a free consultation. CLICK HERE
  2. We’ll have a quick chat over the phone or virtual meeting, discuss your SEO marketing investment, strategy, and way forward.
How long does SEO take to start showing results in South Africa?

It depends greatly on where you are today, what SEO has been done before, and what your competition levels are like.

As a general rule of thumb, for good competitive local keywords with good monthly traffic, you’re looking at 6-12 months to get good first page rankings on Google.

During that time your leads and traffic will increase gradually and regularly, but the big wins are once you hit the top half of the first page.

We’ve done SEO before and it hasn’t worked, why are you different?

If SEO hasn’t worked then one of four things has occurred:

  1. You’ve been ripped off by a scammer – Sadly there are a lot of scammers in this SEO industry, and if this has happened to you, we’re truly sorry – stopping these people is the reason our team is so passionate about Search Engine Optimization.
  2. You were working with a website designer, developer, or marketing agency –  SEO is a lot like brain surgery. It’s a very detailed, specific skillset that very few people truly possess. A lot of website design, marketing, or graphic design companies offer ‘SEO’ as a service, however they are not experienced in the craft. They are good at many things, but you don’t want your logo designer doing your SEO.
  3. Your SEO company didn’t know what they were doing – This is much more common than you would think. You see, lots of people start ‘SEO’ companies after watching a few YouTube videos, or buying a R200 e-Book. They think that they can learn along the way, and sadly, they convince many business owners that they know what they are doing when they truly have no clue. SEO, is a skill set that takes years to master and hiring a newbie disguised as a guru will leave you disappointed in your rankings.
  4. Your company didn’t do enough to beat tough competition – Your campaign wasn’t aggressive enough, or have enough effort and resources required to beat out tough competition. As the saying goes, “If you think a professional is expensive, wait until you work with an amateur”.

Our SEO specialists can generally pinpoint with sniper like precision why your past campaign hasn’t worked in minutes. Our SEO team can look at all of your website statistics and compare them directly with your competitors.  Let us show you why your SEO efforts in the past haven’t worked.

SEO Marketing is among the least known but most effective marketing method in South Africa for service-based business owners to attract the types of clients they want on a frequent and reliable basis. But why choose Preferred Marketers as your SEO agency?

Why Choose Us As Your SEO Agency

SEO marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote your services. While there are now several SEO companies in South Africa, choosing the best one to entrust with your business is a big challenge. Of course, you want to ensure your SEO marketing efforts will give you the results you’re looking for. Gauge your options and hire a digital marketing agency with proven results. 

Preferred Marketers has been in the industry since 2019. In just 3 years, we have grown into one of the most influential SEO companies in South Africa. As a top SEO company in South Africa, we will take your business to the next level. Here are some more reasons you ought to choose us as your SEO marketing partner:


Efficient & Proven SEO Solutions

Why waste resources on strategies that don’t work? We have dedicated, experienced and highly skilled SEO experts in South Africa who conceptualize, develop, and implement innovative SEO strategies based on real-time data and thorough analysis. They assess your business needs through comprehensive market research and case studies to ensure your SEO campaigns are optimized.

Client-Oriented Mindset

We are more than just an SEO agency for hire. We value collaboration and excellent client service. We treat clients as partners and put their needs and requirements ahead of everything else. Our SEO team in South Africa takes the time to listen to your vision and share ideas on how to achieve it. We are with you every step of your business growth journey.

Clear & Transparent Reporting

You deserve to know what’s going on with your projects. We set up real-time online reports you can log into so you can see real-time results and monitor campaign progress. Additionally, As your preferred SEO company in South Africa, we assign a dedicated project manager to keep you in the loop with important updates. Our lines are always open in case you have questions about your projects.